Does Cardano need advertising or the dissemination of knowledge?

Yesterday (October 21, 2020) marked the final deadline for submitting proposals to Fund 2 of Cardano’s Project Catalyst. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll witness history as our community votes on how to distribute real treasury funds to real projects for the first time. Everyone is welcome to browse, leave comments, and ask questions about the 97 finalized proposals by signing up here, and details on how to vote will be shared soon.

I got involved with Catalyst during Fund 1, and proposed an idea for “Open Source, Experiential Learning” that started some great conversations and gained traction within the community. I continued to refine the idea during Fund 2, and in the process teamed up with two other Catalyst participants. This week, Juliane, Roberto and I founded a new company called GimbaLabs. …

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Catalyst art by Agustina Troiano

For the last six weeks, I have been one of 50 volunteer contributors to “Fund 1” of Cardano’s Project Catalyst. Our work has been facilitated by Input Output, and led by Dr. Dor Garbash. From the first invitation to Fund 1, we’ve understood it as an “experiment in blockchain governance,” with no real funds at stake. Our task was to test the system by simulating a funding round, and to offer feedback at each step of the way.

When “Fund 2” launches this Wednesday, September 16, it will mark the continuation of this experiment. …

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Before continuing to post as Workshop Maybe, I’d like to introduce myself and to share a bit about why I am starting this project.

My name is James. I live in Massachusetts, on the east coast of the United States. I have been an educator for my entire adult life, first as a high school math teacher, and most recently as a coach and trainer for K-12 teachers. Within the first few years of my teaching career, I discerned my mission of creating learning experiences and classroom spaces where students would leave with more agency and options than they had before. I tried to work in schools where this sort of mission was supported by leadership and the rest of the staff, and when it was not, I worked to make it so. Broadly speaking, this meant minimizing the amount of time I spent standing up and lecturing, while maximizing the time for students to work toward shared, long-term goals, to collaborate, to choose the ways in which they would demonstrate mastery of content. I learned about and implemented systems to make this possible in the classroom, and wrote extensively about my work for an online lesson-sharing platform (for example, the first day of 9th grade algebra was essentially a lesson in decentralization). Five years ago, I left the classroom to work with teachers across the country. …

Today, for the first time, we woke up with a Cardano era behind us. As our community grows, we’ll be responsible for sharing the history of how we got to now.

Earlier than early adopters, we were pioneers and innovators. We were drawn for the vision, for the potential, for the beautiful mathematics, for the rigor, for the community. We were there for the research: for the winding path toward something secure and sustainable, something resilient, for a future unknown. …

Dear Friends and Future Collaborators,

Perhaps like you, I have been a member of the Cardano community since watching Charles Hoskinson’s famous whiteboard video in late 2017.

Perhaps like you, I’ve been looking forward to this week for a long time. And as much as you and I might have enjoyed watching our modest investments in ADA begin work out over the last few months, we recognize that these gains are minor details in a monumentally more important story.

These days, I cannot sleep because of FOMO, but it’s not about missing out on this or that price point. It’s about witnessing history. To witness, in a way that I have no experience, this unprecedented project taking flight and wanting to contribute. And no less, in a moment where pandemic and unrest and disempowerment set the foundations for our daily experience. …


Workshop Maybe

Journeying toward decentralization with Cardano |

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